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I'm pleased to announce that I now offer the following classes and workshops. Each course can be modified to fit your need based on alloted time and other specifics. Please contact me at with any questions you may have.

Modern Quilting Essentials

Basic quilting skills are vital to modern quilting. In this class, students will learn the basic techniques and fundamentals of quilting. In a combination of lecture and hands-on work, students will learn everything from cutting fabric accurately, stitch quality, pressing/ironing, piecing and finishing tips, binding, basic sewing machine maintenance, and more. Students will also learn to design quilts and quilt blocks with graph paper and a notebook, complete a pattern, calculate fabric yardage needed for a project, and minimize fabric waste. Students will put these skills to work by learning how to create a wonky log cabin block, one of the quintessential block designs in modern quilting.

Basic Improvisational Quilting

Improvisational quilting is a fundamental component of modern quilting. In this hands-on workshop, learn how to let go and begin to design intuitively to create completely unique and one of a kind quilt blocks, through a variety of improvisational techniques. From completely random piecing to improvised blocks with a bit more structure, this workshop will challenge you to think about quilting in a whole new light. Students will be asked to bring a bag of scrap fabric in various sizes as a starting point for their improvisational work.

Color Theory and Interaction for the Modern Quilter

Many of today’s modern quilters prefer to use mostly solid colored fabrics in their quilts. In this workshop, students will learn the basics of color theory and color interaction and how to apply those ideas to their quilt designs, through both lecture and hands-on activities. We will discuss the major fundamentals of color theory and design, particularly through the work of Josef Albers, learn how different colors relate to each other, and how a color can be influenced by other colors that surround it. Students will learn how to use paint chips found in their local hardware stores to supplement solid fabric color charts in their quilt designing process. We will also discuss the importance of color theory in the use of printed fabrics as well.

Everyday Inspiration in Modern Quilts

Many quilters today are finding inspiration in a variety of places in their everyday worlds. Join Heather for an exciting look at how some of today's quilters are finding inspiration from just about anywhere and everywhere, from a parking lot to a works of fine art, and everything in between. Heather will also encourage you to do the same and she will share tips on how you can bring your everyday world into your own designs.

Integrating Tradition with Modern Design

Many modern quilters integrate traditional components in their modern quilts; this is often done through the use of traditional patterns, blocks, or techniques. Then, he or she adds their own spin to these traditional components to make them more fresh and modern. Join Heather for an in-depth look at the process of merging tradition with modernity in quilting.

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