Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roots of Modern Quilting at the New England Quilt Museum

The New England Quilt Museum is hosting a new exhibition on modern quilting. Curated by Pamela Weeks, Roots of Modern Quilting is now open and there's a curator's reception this Saturday, October 19th, at 1:00 pm. The exhibition contains works from today's top modern quilters and demonstrates how their work is often inspired by traditional quilts but can also be vibrant and unexpected. 

The New England Quilt Museum is the only museum in the northeast that is devoted solely to the preservation and promotion of the art and craft of quilting. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, it's a landmark in the heart of America's historic textile-producing region. 

In conjunction with the exhibition, Denyse Schmidt will be giving a talk on color, design, and modern quilting on Friday, November 15th at 7 pm. I really wish I could be there for that! Please visit the museum's website here for more information on the lecture and to register for it. 

I'm incredibly honored that my Silo quilt, shown above, is included in the exhibition. Here's a photo of it during the installation of the exhibition. There are also works by Denyse, Angela Walters, Jacquie Gering, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Thomas Knauer, and others.

Roots of Modern Quilting runs through December 28, 2013. 
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