Sunday, July 14, 2013

what's on my bookshelf

Wow!! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted here. That's pretty wild, and I apologize for the silence. I've been sharing more on Instagram, since it's so quick, so feel free to follow along with me there, if you'd like (I'm HeatherJonesStudio).  It's been a wild month for me for sure; I'm working on a lot of fun, exciting things that I'll tell you more about as I can, and we moved! My family purchased a house on an acre and a half, about 20 miles north of where we lived. It's much closer to my husband's work, and it's a larger house, with a much larger yard, so we all have more space, which is great.

We actually purchased the house in January, and it was a lender-owned property and needed a lot of TLC. Jeff and I have done most of the work ourselves and it's really exciting to see things finally coming together. The photo above is our front yard at sunset, which is pretty magical.

The kids are loving it. They have daily nature explorations and are really getting a kick out of all of the wildlife.

My favorite so far were these baby toads. They were so cute and tiny!!

And here are a few photos of my new studio. It has the best light and it's a lot larger than what I was working in before. Jeff built that quilt ladder and we're working on a tutorial, which will hopefully be ready later this week.

And I'm really excited to be working on this machine. It's an industrial Singer 281-1 from the 60s. It is a solid workhorse! I'm still getting the hang of working on it, but so far, I love it.

I've got some small cuts of fabric stored in cabinets that I picked up at Ikea, and larger cuts are stored on an industrial metal shelving unit.

Which leads me back to these shelves, and what is on them. Specifically, some of my fabric craft books, including Denyse Schmidt's Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration (STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book, 2012). I was asked by my friends at Generation Q a couple of months ago what is my favorite craft book, and hands down, that is my favorite. You can read more about that on Gen Q's blog

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