Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the most beautiful little film

Last week, in my last post, I shared some behind the scenes photos from the local shoot for my Creativebug trailer. I just got home late last night (well, technically really, really early this morning) from an amazing weekend at QuiltCon, but before I delve into that, I want to share the finished trailer with you. It is the most beautiful little film. The image above is just a screenshot from their site but you can watch the whole thing here.

I've watched it a few times now and it literally gives me goosebumps. It is so, so good, and I think it really captures me and how I work, and what my work is about.

Thank you to all of my friends at Creativebug for your hard work and your amazing vision, and for your love of handmade. And thank you for sharing that passion through all of the beautiful content that you produce.

My first workshop is also live on the site! I'll share more about that tomorrow. But if you really can't wait, you can check out my Diamonds in the Sky workshop here.

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