Monday, February 11, 2013

a new work in progress

I started a new project this weekend that has been something I've wanted to do for a long time. My grandmother passed away over a year ago, and shortly before she did, I got the idea of making a quilt out of her clothing.

But I couldn't even think about making something with it until recently. I've had it stored in a closet, but  last week, I pulled it all out and washed everything. When I chose her clothing, I tried to pick things that I remembered her wearing or things that I knew she loved. There are all sorts of substrates, from wool suits to cotton shirts.

I decided to prewash everything in hopes that any shrinkage would occur in the laundry, as opposed to after the quilt is constructed. I don't have any pattern that I'm following for this project. I'm just making some improvisational log cabin blocks that I'll eventually piece together into a nice sized, usable quilt. 

I'm pretty sure I'll cry a lot during this process too. I cried when I pulled the clothing out last week to wash it, and I cried a bit while I was piecing some fabric together last night. But I think it will be really cathartic to work on, and a great way to remember my grandma.

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