Monday, January 21, 2013

my Little Red, in progress

My little girl, Olivia, is turning five next month (which is incredibly hard to believe), and I've been wanting to make her a handmade doll as a gift this year. I've made her a few dolls in the past, but I was looking for a new pattern, and I'm so glad that I came across this adorable one. It's called Little Red and it's by Larissa Holland of Isn't she sweet?

I chose to make my version with yellow felt hair, instead of brown as shown in the pattern, so she'd look a bit more like my blonde girl. I really love the stitched details in her hair! I used a golden colored thread for this and I think it worked really nicely with the yellow felt.

One thing I love about this pattern is the attention to detail, especially in the face. Here's how it looked when I was getting started.

And here's her completed face! The spots are damp areas where I removed the water soluble pen marks for placement of her eyes, nose, and mouth.

After the front and back of her hair was completed, it was time to make her braids.

I've realized that I misplaced them a bit, as they are a little more to the side in the pattern, so that you can see that they make a circle. I don't mind them in position, though.

And here she is, all sewn together and ready to be stuffed. I used Pellon Perfect Loft Cluster Fiber Fill for my stuffing. It's great because it's made of of tiny clusters, instead of big lumps, of stuffing so you can really control the placement of it throughout a smaller project like this.

After her arms were sewn I attached them to her body, and then it was time to start working on her skirt.

The pattern calls for 1/2" wide decorative ribbon, and it was really hard for me to find something that I liked and that would coordinate with the fabrics I was using, so I ended up with this black floral design. Next time I make one of these dolls I think I'll look for some Renaissance Ribbons, though. They are much more pretty than what I found at my local big box fabric store. 

And here's what she looks like now! I finished her skirt and tiny shoes last night, and I just need to finish her cape. I'm using cream wool for that, and instead of the basket that is included in the pattern, my doll is going to have a coordinating quilt to go along with her.

I think Olivia is going to love it! I'll share more photos of her once she's finished. You can find the pattern for Little Red in Larissa Holland's pattern shop here.

P.S. I'm sorry for the poor quality of these photos! This has been a secret mission since it's a gift for Olivia, so I've been working on her late at night, once the kids are asleep. She's much prettier in natural light!
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