Monday, May 20, 2013

to help Otilija and Orlando

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You may have heard about the horrendous tragedy that happened off the coast of Australia last week which left Kathreen Rickeston, the founder of Whip Up, and her husband Rob dead, and their two children, daughter Otilija and son Orlando, without their parents . Kathreen and her family were spending a year on their dream trip, camping around Australia and going on all sorts of adventures, which would culminate in a book. That trip was cut short last week when Kathreen and Rob accidentally drowned in Coral Bay, while their two children and other campers watched in horror.

Kathreen was very supportive of my work, and we had worked together recently when she asked to feature me in an article that she wrote for Australian Quilters Companion. She was so kind and incredibly talented and it was clear that her children meant the world to her. Kathreen was hugely responsible for helping to form the online craft community through Whip Up, which will no doubt feel a void with her absence.

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A trust fund has been set up for Otilija and Orlando and you can donate to it through Paypal at You can also read more about the fund here and other ways to donate, especially if you are in Europe or Australia.

Rest in peace, Kathreen and Rob, and Godspeed to Otilija and Orlando. Sending you all lots of love.
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