Friday, February 8, 2013

five things you may not know about me

I'm following the Modern Quilt Guild's cue and sharing five things that you may not know about me, as a way to help us all get to know each other a bit before heading to Austin for QuiltCon this month. Here goes!!

1. I had a custom Michael Jackson birthday cake for my ninth birthday. I loved MJ back in the day and my awesome Aunt Judy made me a special cake, complete with one silver glove. It totally rocked, and I'm so excited that we took a photo of it. It is seriously one of my favorite photos of me of all time.

2. I have a minor in Chemistry. I was pre-med when I started college and ended up taking lots of biology and chemistry to fulfill my course requirements, enough to earn a minor in Chem. And I don't even like Chemistry, although the labs were always fun for me.

3. I changed my major to Art History during my third year in college, after a trip to Greece. It sounds a little corny, but seeing such amazing examples of art and architecture in person that I had learned about in books for years, seriously changed my life. I thought, I only live once, so I decided to follow my heart and do what I love.

4. I used to work in Real Estate. I got a little side tracked professionally, and burnt out frankly, after working at the local art museum after graduation. My husband and I wanted to start a family, and I wanted to be able to work from home, plus I liked House Hunters on HGTV. So, I came up with the "brilliant" idea to get my real estate license. A friend of the family told my father that he thought I was too nice to be a realtor. I think he was right, although I did really love helping my clients and I did learn some business skills that I never would have any other way.

5. I used to paint and draw, a lot. They were my first loves and I miss them dearly. I haven't really painted in a long time but I vow to get back in the habit this year. Hopefully I'm not too rusty!


Esch House Quilts said...

I once considered going into real estate too. I love looking at houses and the idea of helping people find their perfect home. The selling part and finding clients part - NOT a good fit :)

cinzia said...

Good for you for following your heart. It always pays off. I love MJ too. My friends bought me the thriller album for my sweet 16th. I still have!

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