Sunday, December 30, 2012

a new project, thanks to instagram

I really love Instagram. As a visual person, it's so fun for me to see the world through other people's eyes and I love to browse the photos that are shared there. But, sometimes it can get you in trouble. Or at least cause one to start a new project when that's the last thing one needs to do.

Case in point. I saw the gorgeous scrappy trip around the world quilt blocks by Katy, BrendaMegan, and Rita, and I was drawn in. And I began to make some blocks today. We are all following the great tutorial found on Quiltville, although I am pressing my seams open, as opposed to towards the side, as is suggested.

I tried pressing to the side, but I couldn't get my strips to line up correctly. I'm so used to pressing everything open, and I actually prefer this method, because I really love how all of the seams lay flat.

My first two blocks took longer thank I had expected they would. But after I had made a couple, they came together much faster.

I'm planning on making this quilt as scrappy as I can. I think. Although I'm not actually using scraps, but rather cutting into fabrics that have been sitting on my shelves for way too long. It's fun to actually use them in something!

So, I blame Instagram, and Katy, Brenda, Megan, and Rita for their stunning blocks, for leading me down the scrappy trip around the world path. But, honestly, I'm really excited to make a quilt just for fun. It's been way too long since I did that...

And Instagram can get you in trouble in other ways too. Like sharing old photos of yourself late at night with you friends there. That's my senior class photo, complete with 90s era oversized sweater.

And another classic, of me and Carl, who were voted "most artistic" during our senior year. Thanks for the inspiration, and the trip down memory lane, Instagram!

If you'd like to join in on the fun, there is also a flickr group as well as the hashtag #scrappytripalong on IG and twitter. But I warn you, these blocks are kind of addicting once you get started. 

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