Thursday, October 25, 2012

some works in progress

I'm working on about a dozen mini quilts for an upcoming project, and I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you. Six of them will be improvisational and I'm having a great time constructing them. It is seriously my favorite way to work because it's so much fun to me to see how the finished block will turn out. Since I'm not following any pattern when I make them, it's kind of a surprise to see how it looks when everything is put together. I'm working on the one above today, with a bunch of leftover scraps in a variety of solid colors. 

And here's a look at some more of them on my design walls. The block hanging just near the split in the  panels of the design wall was one that I started probably six months, or more, ago. I really didn't like how it turned out so I put it away in a basket of scraps. Yesterday I pulled it out and just started cutting it up and then re-pieced it back together. And I'm kind of loving it now. Here's a closer look at it so you can see how all of those pieces were once strips from the original block.

Isn't it funny how sometimes that's all you need to do?

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