Thursday, October 4, 2012

Around the World for Coats and Clark

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this quilt with you! This is my Around the World quilt that I designed and made for Coats and Clark. You may have seen a sneak peek of it on my blog, but here's the whole thing. And you just might be seeing more if it soon: it will be on view at Quilt Market later this month in Houston in the Coats and Clark booth, as well as showing up in their ads this fall. 

When I was was asked to make a quilt as the focus of Coats' fall booth and ad campaign, I was given a palette of colors to work with. We narrowed it down to these gorgeous solid cottons by FreeSpirit, and then it was on to sketching some designs. I started drawing in my sketch book, like I do for every quilt I work on, and I also looked at the Quilt Index for some ideas. I was immediately drawn to a quilt called Boston Commons, made by Nora and Ruth Stroup in 1963, which was the inspiration for my Around the World Quilt.

And here's my final design in my sketch book. 

I wanted to come up with a quilt that was really easy to make; simple enough for a beginner, but a nice project for a more advanced quilter too. Around the World is strip pieced, and comes together really quickly, but the minimalist design and bold colors give it a really strong visual impact.

And this is my new favorite thing to do. I love to snap a photo of the work in progress on my design wall with my sketchbook. It's so fun to see my designs start to take shape.

And of course, since this was a project for Coats and Clark, I really wanted to have a chance to share how awesome their threads are by integrating them in the design of the quilt. I chose eight different  thread colors to match all eight colors of fabric in the quilt and I quilted each section of the front with straight lines. 

I really love the look that was achieved by changing the thread colors for every different color of fabric. It took a bit more time, but I think the results were well worth the effort.

This is a quick shot that I took as soon as it was finished, right before sending it to the Coats and Clark headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina for professional photography. The photograph at the beginning of the post was taken by Tara Molles, a very talented photographer based in Concord, North Carolina. Take a look at her blog post here to see some more photos from the shoot. I really love how my quilt looks against that old white barn. 

I've also shared more information on the quilt, my thread choice, and it's construction and quilting on Sewing Secrets, the Coats and Clark blog today. Plus head on over there and grab a copy of the free Around the World pattern for yourself!
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