Tuesday, August 21, 2012

an impromptu work in progress

This past Sunday night I was preparing for my taping next week of Quilting Arts TV, where I'll be talking about the quilt I designed for Coats & Clark. It's a striped pieced quilt, and I had this bright idea that it would be nice to have another example to talk about. And I've had this rainbow jelly roll of Kona cotton for over a year, literally. I think it was included in my prize package for my first Project Modern Challenge win. So I set forth to start a quilt with it, with the goal to have it finished and ready to go by this weekend. Can I do it? Let's hope so!

So, I started sewing the strips together, in the order that they were arranged in on the roll, starting with the pink and working through the entire rainbow. I used every color except the white and the gray. It came together pretty quickly, and I didn't even use any pins during the construction, which is quite a feat for me! I usually pin everything, and it was honestly a little liberating to work this way.  Since quality construction is very important to me, I took it slow, but with the precise cutting of the jelly roll strips, it really wasn't an issue at all.

I just kept building the rows, one by one...

and this is what I had by yesterday morning.

I finished the rainbow yesterday afternoon. And I usually press as I go too, but not this time. I pressed all the seams open at the end, while listening to the Punch Brothers on Pandora (thank you, Sarah!).

I added some white to either side of my rainbow and drew some preliminary quilting lines on with a pencil it last night after I finished the top. 

I made a really simple back in pale gray.

And I'm using Pellon's Legacy Premier 100% Natural Cotton batting, which I'm excited to try.

And then I started basting, although I have to admit that I would occasionally just stop and look at all of those gorgeous colors together. 

This little guy also wanted to help...

Quilting is up next, and I'll keep you posted on the progress. 
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