Saturday, July 7, 2012

Design Your Life Retreat

 I can't believe it's been a week since I attended the Design Your Life Retreat weekend in Granville, Ohio. To say it was an amazing time would be an understatement. It was really kind of magical.

I didn't take too many photographs of what happened during the actual workshop, since most of the time we were working out or spending time writing in our journals or sharing our dreams, so most of these pics are from the rest of the time we all spent together that weekend. Except this one...

I was cracking up that my sister Katie brought a Budweiser towel to use to wipe the sweat off her brow. And sweat, we did. Granville was hit by a Derecho, which is a crazy straight line wind storm, the night before the retreat. The 80 mile an hour winds knocked out the power to the whole town, but the retreat still went on. And I think the fact that we had no electricity made the weekend even more special.

After Saturday's session we walked into town for dinner and saw this incredible aftermath of the storm. The top of the huge pine tree snapped off in the windstorm and was laying on the sidewalk. 

This is the rest of the tree, to give you an idea of just how big it was.

But in the midst of all of the storm damage was this beautiful sanctuary... 

which has the most amazing light.

And I have to share Taco Dan's with you, which was the only restaurant in the town that had power, thanks to a generator. Taco Dan's is a fantastic little place tucked in the kitchen of a house that doubles as an amazing vintage shop, and it became our go-to for lunch and dinner during our weekend in Granville. You can see on the left side of the photo above where you order. That's my sister Katie again talking with Barb, Dan's wife who owns the vintage business portion of the shop.

Katie found the most amazing vintage dress there. Even though I tried to convince her that she needed to buy it, she passed it up. I think it would have looked amazing with some aqua cowboy boots, right?

While we were waiting for our lunch on Sunday we spent some time perusing old cookbooks. And now we know what the Next-Best-Thing to Robert Redford is.

It was really an adventure, and I'm most grateful for my new (and not so new) friends and soul sisters, Heidi, April, Katie, Margo, Hildie, and Amy, and everyone else who took part in the weekend. Thank you especially to Hildie and Amy who organized the event, and went through with it in spite of the storm and power outage. Your kindness, compassion, creativity, and enthusiasm is awe-inspiring.

For more information on Hildie and the Handel Group Life Coaching, please visit her site on the Handel Group's page here.  For more information on IntenSati, please visit their site here.

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