Sunday, April 29, 2012

modern barn quilt paint along :: my finished ohio star

It's finally finished! My Ohio Star barn quilt is hanging in its new home on our little outbuilding, which houses Jeff's studio. And I love it, and of course now I want to make an actual quilt with these colors. They are so soothing to me. Hmmm....I just might have to do that soon. Here's how I made it.

I started with a two foot square piece of plywood and painted it with primer.

Then, using a pencil and straight edge, I drew out my design.

For this project, blue painters tape is your best friend. Seriously. It takes a bit of time to tape each section out, but believe me, it's totally worth it.

I also marked each section with its corresponding colors (ie. G=green, B=blue, C=cream) so I wouldn't get confused while I was painting. 

I used an x-acto knife and a straight edge to trim the painters tape so that it fit perfectly into all of the corners of the triangles in my design. I worked in sections, and wanted to paint all of the blue areas first, so there was a lot of taping. 

You can see how precise your cuts can be with the x-acto knife. But be very careful--those blades are very, very sharp!

Here's what my board looked like after I was finished with taping off the areas for the first color of paint. Lots of work, but like I said, so worth it. 

And I'm ready to paint! I was excited to finally add some color to the board. 

And so was Olivia. She kept begging me to let her help paint. To recap, I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint from Home Depot on this barn quilt. You can check out my previous post for the exact colors that I used. 

After two coats of the bluish color was applied and dry to the touch, I carefully removed the tape.

And there was lots and lots of tape to be removed. 

But see, like I said, totally worth it. A little prep time with the tape makes the entire painting process so much easier if you want to achieve clean crisp lines between your colors. 

I waited about an hour after the first color of paint felt dry before I started to tape off the areas for my second color, a chartreuse green.

Again, I used two coats of paint and let it dry thoroughly.

And then removed the tape carefully.

Starting to look good!

At this point in my process I noticed that even though I had been very careful with the tape, I was still getting a few areas where the paint was seeping through the edges. So, I thought I'd use a bone folder to really smooth down the edges of the painters tape, making sure it adhered well to the board beneath it, almost burnishing the edges of it with the tool. I wish I had thought of using the bone folder at the beginning section, but it's something that I'll be sure to do with my next barn quilt painting. 

And the third color, a grayish cream was ready to be painted on.

Here's another little tip that I use a lot when we're painting anything, be it furniture, walls, or a barn quilt:: if you need to let a coat of paint dry, but will be adding a second (or even third) coat of paint to it, wrap your brush in a plastic bag so the paint doesn't dry out on it. You can use a ziplock back for a small brush like I did above, but if you're using a roller, a plastic grocery bag works great. Seal the edges as much as you can by zipping the lock around your brush or wrapping the ends of the plastic bag around your roller. Then, you can go right back to painting without having to wash out your brush or roller each time, and you won't get those clumps of dried paint in your project. 

Final coat of the last color!

And I was so excited to take the tape off and finally see how it all looked!

Voila! I love it!

Here are a couple detail shots where you can see the few bits of seepage that I had. It isn't enough to bother me, and I honestly don't think anyone but me would ever see it, especially by looking at the barn quilt panel from far away.

And here it is again installed. 

I love the areas where all of the colors come together.

And now of course, I want to make more. I'm thinking a four foot square would be pretty darn awesome. If you've made a barn quilt with me, please share photos. I'd love to see them! Feel free to also add them to the Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along flickr pool here
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