Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sis Boom Crazy Love Pinwheels

It's finally finished! My Sis Boom Crazy Love giant pinwheel quilt! This is actually my second Crazy Love quilt, because you might remember that my first ended up having a big section that puckered during the quilting process, and since this will eventually go to Jennifer, I had to make another for her!

As soon as I saw the Crazy Love fabrics, I knew I wanted to use them in a way where I didn't have to cut them up too much. The colors and designs of the fabrics are so gorgeous on their own and I wanted to showcase them as much as I could, so I came up with the design for this quilt with that in mind. You know we all have a stack of gorgeous fabrics that are too beautiful to cut into, so I think this pattern will be a perfect way to use lots of pretty fabrics. I surrounded all of the prints with a lot of white background fabric so the colors of Crazy Love really pop. This quilt is about 75 inches square, so it makes a great quilt for the couch, but as you can see above, it's also large enough for a twin sized bed.  

And here is the back. One giant pinwheel against a sea of white. I kind of love it. And forgive the outlet on the bottom of the photo. We're still playing around with photography space in the studio and we obviously still have a few things to address, such as these pesky outlets. 

I'm finishing up the pattern for this quilt, and hope to have it available as a pdf (and later, in print!) in about a week or so.

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