Monday, February 6, 2012

vintage quilt monday :: basket quilt

Welcome back to another installment of my series, Vintage Quilt Mondays. Today I'm sharing the last quilt out of the group that was given to me by my step-mother, so this one, like the others, was made either by her grandmother or great-grandmother. It's a traditional basket pattern, and I'm not sure of its age, but I'm guessing it's at least 70-80 years old.

The baskets are made out of many different patterned fabrics and are surrounded by white background fabric, perhaps muslin, that makes up the rest of the front. I really love how the vast areas of white negative space make this antique quilt feel quite modern.

The quilt appears to me to be both hand pieced and hand quilted.

You'll see that some of the fabrics have have worn a lot, while others are in great shape and still look crisp and bright, like this green calico below.

I love how the quilting echos the handles of the baskets.

And I love this brown fabric!

Thanks again for joining me for another Vintage Quilt Monday. I've shown you almost all of the vintage quilts from my collection, but I want to continue this series because I'm having so much fun sharing these old, beautiful pieces with you, so it may change a little over the next couple of weeks. Either that, or I'll have to go shopping for some more old quilts!
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