Friday, January 6, 2012

this is the year that I...

Cut into all of this fabric that I have. I'm in the middle of cleaning out, decluttering, and rearranging my studio and I'm finding lots of things that I had forgotten about. I had been keeping a lot of things in plastic storage bins, but I'm taking them out and rearranging things and putting all of my fabric out where I can see it, and use it. First up is this big stack of Denyse Schmidt's County Fair.

And some Katie Jump Rope.

This is the year that I finally use my stack of Heather Ross's Far Far Away to make Olivia a princess quilt.

And I think I'll even cut into some of this rare stuff.

So while my studio currently looks pretty much like this....

I am making progress, slowly but surely.

This is the year I cut into my stash of Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos.

My Tufted Tweets by Lauris Wisbrun.

My gorgeous stack of West Indies by Sis Boom. But only after another project that I'm working on for Jennifer--more to come on that one. 

And my beautiful little bundle of solids by Art Gallery Fabrics

I'm also working on some scrap bundles that I'll have available for sale soon. I have so many scraps that I know there is no way I can use them all, so I'd like to offer some of them to you. In the  mean time, please wish me luck getting this studio put back together!

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