Friday, December 21, 2012

ABCs of Love :: K is for kiss your family members an extra time

It's hard to believe it's been a week since the horrific tragedy of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. I heard about it while I was in San Francisco, wrapping up my filming at the Creativebug studios, and I saw an odd update from my husband on Facebook. He mentioned that he was almost in tears as he went to pick up our children from preschool and kindergarten. I noticed more heartbreaking postings from other friends on the site, and then checked the national news.

My heart sank. I could not, and still can't, believe that we live in a world where something like that can happen. The rest of the day, I was glued to any news information that I could find. I flew home that day and watched hours of CNN in flight. And even though my final flight didn't arrive in Dayton until almost midnight, my husband and I agreed that he would bring Aidan and Olivia to the airport to meet me.

And since that day, I've been kissing them an extra time, any chance I get.

I learned about the ABCS of Love from my friend Rachel of ImagineGnats. It's a project that is meant to encourage us all to find simple ways to share our love within our own communities and families. I choose to write about "k is for kiss your family members an extra time" because I think it is so important to show our loved ones just how much we care for them, every day. It's easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and there is so much in this world that we can not control, but we can add love to the world by simply taking the time to kiss our children just a little more each day.

Here's the complete list of the ABCs of Love which is full of ideas to help you bring good to the world by carrying out simple acts of kindness.

We haven't talked about the events of Newtown with our children. They are only four and six, and we don't watch the news with of them, so my husband and I agree that it's best that they don't know. Unless they bring it up, after hearing about it at school, I think it's best to not plant that seed of fear in their minds. And selfishly, I want to shield them from such evil for as long as I can.

Lastly, this is one of the most moving tributes I've seen for the victims of the shootings. Seeing the names and ages of each one of them really hits close to home for me.

So I will continue to kiss them more.

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