Monday, October 29, 2012

cathedral windows QAL :: mod cathedral window

Hello! Today I'm sharing my design for the Cathedral Windows Quilt Along for Pellon Projects and Free Quilt Patterns. When I was sketching ideas for the block, I wanted to come up with a new way to create a block that had a similar look to the traditional cathedral window block, but without the layers and layers of folded fabric. I also wanted to design something that would be easier to quilt than the traditional cathedral window, as most of those are not quilted at all (at least the ones I've seen before) because of all of the fabric bulk. 

So, I came up with the Mod Cathedral Window block. This block is really easy to construct but has a strong visual impact. My design uses raw edge appliqué and fusible webbing, instead of folded layers of fabric found in traditional cathedral window quilt blocks. Each appliqué piece was hand drawn by me to give the design a bit of irregularity in the finished block. If you'd like, you can download the instructions in pdf form from Pellon Projects and be sure to visit Free Quilt Patterns for more information about the other cathedral window block designs in series. 

Supplies for one 12 ½” block:

12 ½” square of background fabric
4 ½” square of fabric 1
7 ½” square of fabric 2
10 ½ square of fabric 3
½ yard of Pellon Wonder Under fusible web
rotary cutter, plastic ruler, cutting mat, scissors, iron,
pdf of the appliqué templates (available as a downloadable pdf on google docs)


1. Print the pdf of the appliqué templates and cut out each of the three shapes with a pair of scissors. Tape the two sections of Piece 3 together to complete that shape. Note: to make the templates more sturdy, print them out on cardstock instead of paper.

2. With a rotary cutter, straight edge, and a cutting mat, cut the fabric needed for one block: 12 ½” background square, 4 ½” square of fabric 1, 7 ½” square of fabric 2, and a 10 ½” square of fabric 3. 

I used an aqua print with circles for fabric 1, and orange print with small flowers for fabric 2, and an aqua solid for fabric 3.

I used a creamy white for my background square.

3. Trace each template, Piece 1, 2, and 3, onto the paper side of the Wonder Under. Cut each shape out with a pair of scissors; do not cut exactly on the lines, but leave a little space around each of the Pieces.

4. Following the manufacturer’s directions, press the Wonder Under, shiny side down, to the wrong side of the fabric squares. Piece 1 goes on the 4 ½” fabric square, Piece 2 goes on the 7 ½” fabric square, and Piece 3 goes on the 10 ½” fabric square.

5. Cut out each of the shapes with a pair of scissors to finish the three appliqué pieces.

6. Peel off the paper backing of Piece 3 and lay it on top of the background square so that it is in the center of it. Press with an iron to adhere Piece 3 to the square, following the manufacturers instructions for the webbing.

7. Peel off the paper backing of Piece 2 and lay it on top of Piece 3 so that it is in the center of it. Press with an iron to adhere Piece 2 to the block.

8. Peel off the paper backing of Piece 1 and lay it on top of Piece 2 so that it is in the center of it. Press with an iron to adhere Piece 1 to the block.

 And with that, the block is finished! I hope you enjoy making your Mod Cathedral Window blocks as much as I did. I definitely want to make a full quilt out of this block design one day. And be sure to share photos of all of your completed blocks on our Flickr group for your chance to enter to win some  amazing prizes. For more information on the Cathedral Windows Quilt Along and the giveaway, please  visit the QAL on Pellon's site. Good luck!


Wendy said...

this is a fab version! I really hope to find time to give it a try

Cheryl Arkison said...

Love this idea! And you could play with size so well.

Lori said...

Very nice, thanks for a great tutorial. said...

That is so cool! Your idea is a great idea and no pins. Thank you.

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