Monday, August 20, 2012

vintage quilt monday: a flea market find

Hello! I'm so excited to be back with another edition of my series vintage quilt monday. I love antique and vintage quilts, and I love sharing my collection with you through these posts. If you'd like to check out my older posts, just search for vintage quilt monday in the search box below. I've been able to find a few more vintage quilts that I'll share with you every week over the next month or so.

This vintage quilt is my newest purchase. I found it last month at the Tri-Cities Flea Market outside of Bristol, Tennessee. I was on a little road trip with a couple of girlfriends, and we stopped at the flea market on our way home to Ohio. And I'm glad we did! 

Each of the quilt blocks has this appliqued design on it, and all of the stitching was done by hand with yellow thread. As you can see, this coral stylized flower print is used in all of the blocks, and it's paired up with lots of other fabrics. I'm not sure what the applique design is; Olivia thinks they look like party hats, and I think she's right. Fun party hats with lots of flowers.

Some are paired with calico prints....

...while others are paired with tropical parrots. 

And I love this cute print with flowers and strawberries.

There are some places with a bit of damage, like this block. And overall the quilt is pretty dirty, so I'll be giving it a bath soon.

The background fabric is a black and white pinstripe, and the quilt is bound with a navy blue calico print. I'm not exactly sure how old it is, but I'm thinking it's probably from the 70s based on the fabrics. 

And I only paid $6 for it. I couldn't believe how cheap it was, and even though it may not be the most beautiful quilt that was ever made, I couldn't bear to leave it behind. And honestly, it made my heart hurt a little that somebody had put so much work into this quilt, only to have it end up at a flea market, so I had to buy it and give it a good home. Thank you, Amy and Heidi, for putting up with the musty smell on our ride home!!

And now to the back, which I think is even more amazing than the top, and really, it's almost like having two quilts in one. It's a simple patchwork of large sized blocks in striped fabrics and the same navy calico that is used in the binding. Stunning, right? So graphic and bold. 

And I especially love this pieced section, where the maker didn't have enough of the red striped print for the block, so she pieced it with a scrap.

And I love how the hand tied quilting looks on the back, with the contrast of the yellow yarn with the bright reds and blues of the fabrics. 

I'm actually going to use this on our bed, with the back side up, once it's laundered. We're kind of in the middle of redoing our bedroom, and I think it will look really great in there. I'll be sure to show you photos of the entire space once it's done.


Anonymous said...

I love the back of the quilt and, um, can tell a lot of work went into the front. What a great find!

~Kelie~ said...

Are you serious? Bristol, TN? I live in the Tri Cities!!!! Not Bristol, but Kingsport!!! Too bad I didn't know you were in the neighborhood or I could've requested a sewing lesson or 2 from you!

Jessica said...

that appliqué is just so crazy town- I love it! And that back is perfect. I just unearthed some fantastic old quilts at my parents' this weekend, I'll have to blog about them soon.

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