Thursday, August 9, 2012

Machine Quilting Negative Space with Angela Walters on Craftsy

You all know how much I love Angela Walters, and I've shown you lots of examples of her amazing work on my quilts, right? Well, now you can take a class on machine quilting with Angela through Craftsy. The best part is that you can take the class from anywhere that you have computer access, at any time of the day or night, and on your own schedule.

In Angela's first class, Machine Quilting Negative Space, you'll learn how to break up the negative space in your quilts through a variety of motifs, including pebbles and paisleys, twirling circles and swirling scallops, boxed squares, and even more intricate designs.

Angela will show you how she does it, and teach you how you can do it on your home machine too. And to help you strengthen your muscle memory, she has you practice a lot of the designs in a sketchbook, drawing with a pen or pencil, first, before moving to your sewing machine. I'm telling you, she's a genius.  

She's even designed some gorgeous fabric panels that mimic pieced modern quilts, so you can practice your machine quilting skills without taking the time to piece an actual quilt top together first. In fact, that's what the two images above are. You can order those from her Spoonflower shop here. See, genius. ;)

Congratulations, Angela! I'm so proud of you! I seriously cannot wait to sign up for your class.

*all images courtesy of Angela Walters and Craftsy


Jean(ie) said...

I saw that class and toyed with taking it. I haven't taken a Craftsy class yet the concept totally intrigues me.

I may just have to sign up.

Sara said...

hmmm...may try that! Thanks for the heads up!

Nancy said...

I'm in Lesson 3 or 4 of her Craftsy class! This is my 4th craftsy class, and I'm loving this learning method. Angela's class is great. Her manner on camera is very relaxed. You can tell she's very comfortable with her subject--she knows what she's talking about. Her designs are beautiful and not as complicated as they look like they'd be. And she really puts any fears to rest. I'd recommend this class to any modern quilter who wants to learn more about the actual quilting step. Great recommendation, Heather!

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