Wednesday, April 11, 2012

modern ohio stars

I'm so excited to share with you that the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild has an exhibition of our quilts at the International Quilt Festival, which is in town this weekend. I was approached by the two special exhibition coordinators at Quilts, Inc. last summer who invited our guild to submit an exhibition proposal for a show that could be on display at this year's spring Festival. CMQG member Holly suggested that we create quilts that were based on the Ohio Star block, a traditional quilting design, but put our own modern spin on them. Thirteen members arose to the challenge and created some of the most gorgeous quilts that I have ever seen, and in a relatively short time frame to boot. I honestly could not be more proud of our guild, and it such an honor to be part of the first exhibition of works from a modern quilt guild that will be shown at such a prestigious show as the International Quilt Festival. Our exhibition is officially titled, "Cincinnati Modern QuiltGuild Presents: A ModernSpin on the Ohio Star Block," and it runs April 13-15, 2012.

My entry for the show is my Ohio Supernova quilt, which you've seen a few times already. And in fact, I've just returned from dropping it off at the convention center. If you are the Cincinnati area, you can see it and learn more about the International Quilt Festival today at noon on our local ABC news, Channel 9. I hope the segment will be available online as well, and if it is, I'll be sure to post it here so you can see it if you're not in our neck of the woods.

As part of the exhibition process, we had to write and submit an artist statement for our quilts. Talk about intimidating! I don't even consider myself an artist, so it was especially challenging, but I am actually pleased with my description. And I love that my dear friend Sarah shared hers on her blog today, as well as her stunning quilt, so I thought that I would share mine with you, too. 

I wanted to design andcreate a quilt that focused solely on the Ohio Star block.  I thought there was no better way to dothat than to simplify the traditional pattern and dramatically increase thescale of the block, so that it makes up the vast majority of the finished work.I chose to work in solid colored cottons, rather than prints, so that therewould be no visual distraction to the design of the large scale block. I chose the three colors for the quilt, Kona Snow, Kona Coral, and Kona Ice Frappe,because I wanted a fresh take on the popular aqua and red color combination. Ialso knew, since I was working all in solids, that I wanted to have thequilting done by Angela Walters. Angela is a master quilter, and I gave herfree reign to create the design for the quilting. I think the combination ofthe large scale, the bright colors, the simplification of the design, and theintricate, detailed quilting make this quilt a thoroughly modern take on a traditional pattern.

If you're lucky enough to be attending the show this weekend, please stop by and check out our exhibition! If you won't be in town for the show, you can see some more of the works by our members on Sarah's blog, Kelly's blog, Andie's blog, and Jill's blog. Seriously amazing work, right? I'll be taking lots of photos of the exhibition as well, and I'll share them with you on the blog next week, too. 

And if you are in town, please also join us at the CMQG's Modern Meet-Up, which is a celebration of our exhibition and a chance to hang out and spend time with each other. It's taking place on Saturday, April 14th at 8pm at the Hyatt in downtown Cincinnati. There will be lots of good times and a chance to win great prizes as well! For more information, please visit the CMQG site.


Ellen said...

Your quilt is just beautiful! You should be super proud.

Jean(ie) said...

wish I could see them all!

Kara said...

I'll be there Saturday with my partner and mother-in-law; hope to meet you in person! :)

P├ętra said...

I love the quilt everything about it!! Have fun this weekend.

Carrie P. said...

wish I lived closer.

Victoria said...

I adore what you have done and Angela's quilting is out of this world!

Hitch and Thread said...

It's gorgeous.

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