Monday, February 20, 2012

vintage quilt monday :: aunt ollie's churn dash quilt

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage Quilt Mondays. I am so excited to share this quit with you because it was made by my great-great aunt Ollie. My mom bought it at a garage sale in the 80s where Aunt Ollie's children were selling some of her quilts. Can you believe that they would sell their mother's quilts? 

The quilt is a traditional churn dash pattern and there are all sorts of fun, vintage fabrics used in the blocks, surrounded by white cotton negative space. It really has quite a modern feeling to it, doesn't it?

I love this yellow print with fruits and flowers!

And this is my favorite block in the quilt. If you look closely, you can see that Aunt Ollie flipped one HST section of the square in the upper left hand side of the block, so the pattern didn't turn out quite right there. I love this little section of imperfection!

The quilt is hand pieced and tied with white yarn. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see some of her stitches. 

The quilt is backed and the binding is created from this really fun blue floral print. I think it was probably an old sheet because it is one complete piece of fabric, instead of something that was pieced together.


And this yummy print is my favorite in the quilt. I love the coral background color! I've been told that Aunt Ollie would repurpose anything she could get her hands on and she often used cut-up old clothing for fabric in her quilts, so this very likely could have been a lovely dress or suit from the 60s.

And here is a photo of me and Aunt Ollie, when I was just a few weeks old. Isn't she cute?? She was a great woman. I'm so glad that my mom was able to save this quilt and keep it in the family. It is truly one of my favorites.


Jean(ie) said...

I think that out of all the quilts you've shown that is my favorite so far. I love it so many ways -- the timeless (modern) look, the "humility block", and the fact that it was made by loving hands that held you.

Heide said...

Lovely! And I love that she left that HST turned the wrong way. It's charming.

Good Earth Quilting said...

Very lovely, reminds me of days gone by and new ones to come! Thanks for sharing. I just posted my tutorial of Dresden Plate template making and plate making.

Dawn said...
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Jennwith4 said...

I love this quilt and its story! It is so sad to think they were selling her quilts especially at a garage sale!! :( Glad your mom got to save this one. I have a quilt from my husbands grandma that i want to hang in our family room along with a framed picture of her and a small story about her life.

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