Friday, December 2, 2011

blog tour of quilts

Sally from Sally's Quilting Corner invited me to join her today for her Blog Tour of Quilts and I'm glad to be here. Thanks so much, Sally!

For my stop on the tour I wanted to share my latest finished quilt with you again. This quilt was my entry for Project Modern: Challenge 4: find your own voice. It was inspired by a large metal silo at a farm that is about ten miles from my house. I’m sure I've seen that silo hundreds of times before, but one day a couple of months ago I saw something new in it as we drove by.

Luckily my husband was at the wheel, so I grabbed my sketchbook and drew out a quick plan. There was just something about the linear repetition of the grooves of steel and the grid that each tier of metal makes that caught my eye. This quilt is my interpretation of it.

I really love the photos that I took of the quilt outside, but it was such a windy day that I was only able to get a couple good ones. The rest of the shots are a little dark, but since they were taken in a studio at the university where my husband works, I was able to control the environment a bit better so you can get see more details of the quilt.

I used three solid colors of woven cotton for my quilt: cream, pale blue, and a warm gray. I really liked how the colors worked together, and the combination reminded me of how the silo looks at dusk, when the entire structure seems to glow in the setting sun.

The large and small pieced rectangles are made up of bands of cream and blue, and the thin gray strips represent the grid work.

I used cream for the binding so that it would not interfere with the design of the quilt top. While the design of front of the quilt is very regular and structured, the back was designed entirely improvisationally. I used some leftover sections of the blocks from the front and added some scraps and bits of fabrics, and I pieced them all together with more cream fabric.

The quilt measures 64” x 67”. It is heavily quilted with horizontal straight lines to repeat the design of the front, as well as the grooves of metal on the silo.

I feel like this quilt is truly a reflection of my voice as a modern quilter. I’m often inspired by everyday places and things that most of us wouldn't even notice, and I’m always excited by the challenge to translate that inspiration into my work.

And guess what? My Silo quilt was chosen a winner in the Modern Quilt Guild's Project Modern: Challenge 4. I was amazed, humbled, and honored beyond belief.

I'm seriously beside myself. Because with this win, I have now won three out of the four challenges: Challenge 1, Challenge 2, and Challenge 4. Seriously. Seriously!! I so dislike talking about myself and my work, and it's totally awkward to me, but I have to share what the judge, none other than my quilting idol, Denyse Schmidt, had to say about my quilt

This quilt is beautiful and striking in it’s clear simplicity and strong execution. The translation of the idea/inspiration into a quilted medium feels spot on, and every choice the quilter has made – from palette, to structure, and quilting – supports this clear vision and intention. I’d love to see the back!

I think I'm going to print that out and hang it by my sewing table where I can see it every day. And I'm not even kidding. So for Denyse, and you all, here is the back.

The prizes that accompanied the win are great (lots of yards of Denyse's fabric, some yummy solids from Robert Kaufman, Aurifil thread, a copy of Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee from Stash Books, and a gift certificate to Spoonflower) but what I am most excited about is Denyse's critique of my work. That, by far, is the best prize to me.

Thank you again to The Modern Quilt Guild and to Denyse Schmidt. It is because of you all that I am a quilter.

And thank you for joining me today as part of Sally's Blog Tour of Quilts! Please go visit Sandra at Stitches and Etc. for the next stop of the tour.
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