Friday, November 18, 2011

opening night of my exhibition, Directions

Last night was the opening of the exhibition, Directions, that features three of my quilts and photographs of the places that inspired their designs. We had a great turnout! I tried to get Aidan and Olivia to pose in front of my Yield quilt for a photo.

But, that is apparently too much to ask a three and five year old to do, especially after 5 pm.

Although I did manage to coerce Olivia into posing for a photo by herself in front of it.

In addition to my Yield quilt, I also had two others on display, including this small one above. This quilt was inspired by a painted crosswalk sign on a street near our house.

And my Cross Ties quilt. I think it looks really striking on the wall, epsecially next to the work by painter Mareen Holub.

Here's a detail of one of her pieces. They are gorgeous, large scale mixed medias on panel.

Also included in the exhibition is Jennifer Grote, who makes these really stunning assemblages.

As well as the work of John Humphries, who creates these complex works on paper.

And last, but not least, photographs by David Rosenthal. Gorgeous.

It was honestly kind of surreal to have my work included in an exhibition. My husband is a painter and so I'm used to going to his openings, but I never really thought I'd have things of my own in a show. It's very exciting though! I felt a little weird talking about my work (like I always do) but it was really well received. A few people even asked why my quilts weren't listed for sale! All in all, it was a great night, and I'm grateful to Steven Clark, the curator of the show, for asking me to be included in the exhibition.
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