Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daisy Mae by Denyse Schmidt

The past few days have been pretty rough, so I did a little retail therapy to help lift my spirits this weekend. I picked up some of Denyse Schmidt's Daisy Mae, her newest line of fabric under the moniker DS Quilts Collection for Fabric Traditions that is available at Jo-Ann's. I think some of these may be my favorite prints yet.

I especially love this floral print with triangles. It's so cute! I'm going to make a valence for my living room with this one and I think it will look great with our red couch.

And this cream and green one will soon be window treatments for our kitchen. I think the vintage feel of this design will work well in there, especially with my collection vintage Jadeite.

And this blue print is another of my favorites.

And look how gorgeous it is in orange! The hand of the Daisy Mae fabrics feels a bit more coarse and rough than the Picnics and Fairgrounds line did. They may soften up a bit in the wash, but it wasn't enough to deter me from buying them at all.

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