Wednesday, September 28, 2011

an odd little garden visitor

The other day we were picking the last few tomatoes off of our vines and I saw this little fellow (or gal?) clinging to one of the branches. So, I reached towards him to get a better look.

Isn't he wild? I wasn't sure if alive or not at first, to tell you the truth, but then he began to wiggle a bit. I'm not much of a botanist nor an entomologist, but after doing a little research on Google, I learned that the caterpillar was covered with eggs, but not its own.

The eggs are actually those of the Braconid Wasp, and that this poor caterpillar has been parasitized. While not good for the caterpillar, it's good for our garden, since the Braconid Wasps will keep lots of other bad bugs at bay.

Kind of creepy, but a lot better than pesticides!
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