Monday, September 12, 2011

in praise of the neo-hillbilly

There was a fantastic article about Denyse Schmidt by Meg Cox in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely need to, and here's a link. I'm a huge fan of Denyse's work, her self-described "Neo-Hillbilly" style, and this article was a great little peek into how she approaches quilt making.

Her work is so inspiring. I love that it looks distinctly her own; it's fresh and modern yet it has an undeniable link to the past and more "traditional" quilts. Denyse had a new book coming out next year called Modern Quilts: Traditional Inspiration. 20 New Designs with Historic Roots and I'm sure it will be amazing. It is certainly on my must-buy list.

And how amazing is it that there is a major article about quilt making in the Wall Street Journal?! I think that speaks volumes about the role of quilt making today, and even more so, Denyse's influence on the Modern Quilt Movement.

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