Monday, August 29, 2011

quilting tip : using painter's tape as a stitch guide

I'm working on a new quilt that I wanted to finish with straight line quilting. I typically use my sewing machine foot as a guide to determine the width of my quilted lines, which means they are usually about a quarter of an inch wide. I really love the result of quilting like that, but it takes a long time to finish. Seriously, a really long time. And I just didn't have the time to spend on this quilt because I've got a deadline that I need to adhere to on it, and I also wanted to incorporate some other quilting techniques in it, so I used some blue painter's tape as a stitch guide instead.

I love this stuff! I'm surprised how often I use it in my studio. Thankfully, Jeff uses it a lot too, so we usually have a bunch of it on hand.

I cut and measured a piece of tape, folded it in half over itself, and adhered the open end of the tape to both the top and bottom of my presser foot.

I use the edge of the painter's tape as a guide, keeping the edge of the tape running along the previous line of stitches. With this technique, my quilting lines are just about three-quarters of an inch in width. If you want your quilting lines to be farther apart, you could use a longer length of tape; if you'd like them more narrow, just use a shorter length.

So far, this little trick is working out really well! Hopefully it will work well for you too!

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