Sunday, July 3, 2011

the Centennial Barn

The Centennial Barn is the home of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild and I can't tell you how happy I am that our group meets there. I've always wanted to quilt in a barn and now I actually have the opportunity to! I have to thank our member and my friend, Sue, for finding the place and coordinating the rental agreement. It's seriously such an inspiring place to be. Here are some photos that I took before our last meeting a couple of weeks ago.

The barn sits on the grounds of the convent of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and was built in 1898. It was a working barn for many years before it was remodeled last year as meeting space. I love that the architects kept many of the original exterior and interior elements, including the large barn door.

This the the set of doors on the front side of the barn that you see as you approach it from the road.

I love all of the little details and the years of history in every surface of the barn.

I wonder if this bricked up window

looked like this one originally?

Here's the back of the barn, where we park and enter the building.

The 35 acres that surround the barn are beautiful. There are areas of green grounds and gardens.

There are many other buildings on the grounds as well.

And a few more architectural details of the barn. I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Today the barn is used for meeting space and various activities such as yoga, gardening, and art classes. I think it makes a pretty nice backdrop for photos of quilts, too. ;)

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