Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along Day 2

Welcome to the second day of our Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along! How is the painting going? Are you working on wood or canvas? For the first version I made, I worked on plywood, but I'm painting on canvas this time.

This looks a little different than the one I showed you in the Day 1 post. That's because it's a new one. My first try on canvas didn't turn out so well, so I decided to start over and use different colors.

These two canvases are 12" square, but they are "gallery style" which means that they are about 1 1/2" inches wide from the wall.

I decided to use different colors for these barn quilts too. I'm using creams, tans, and blues, which are inspired by my latest quilt. I'm planning on putting that quilt on our bed, so I thought it would be fun to make a couple of paintings to hang in the bedroom, too.

For these, I decided to paint the entire tier of logs a solid color, to build up areas of paint on the canvas. The acrylics I'm using take a couple of coats, and I used the same color all along the tier as a base.

I did not to use painter's tape on the canvas. I was having a hard time getting it to adhere smoothly (due to the bumpy surface of the canvas) so I just painted the edges as carefully as I could using only my brush.

Once the tier was dry, I mixed a different hue (either lighter or darker) than the base coat to give each tier more visual interest, and to represent pieced logs in the composition. The lighter blue above represents a different "log" in the log cabin inspired barn quilt.

To make the different hues, start with your base color, and the add white or cream to make it lighter. For darker hues, add a darker version of the color you're working with. I would avoid adding black or grey to make a darker hue because you color will most likely end up pretty flat and muddy.

Then keep painting and painting, and painting some more, until all areas of your canvas or board are covered.

Here's how these two turned out. They're not completely done, but they are close. I still need to do some touch ups and clean up some spots, but overall I'm pretty happy with them.

They are much more loose and painterly than the wooden version I made, but I think that's ok. I think I prefer the looser look on the canvas for some reason.

Check back tomorrow for information on finishing and tips to hang your barn quilts. Also, have you joined the Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along flickr group yet? There are some fun photos that people are starting to add, and I've love to see yours as well!

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