Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Olivia's birthday doll and quilt

February is birthday month around here! My husband's is the 20th, my grandma's is the 12th, and my sweet baby Olivia's was back on the 3rd. She turned three this year! It's so amazing how quickly time goes by, especially since having children.

Olivia has really been playing with dolls a lot lately, so I wanted to make her one for her birthday. As soon as I saw the new Jean pattern by Bit of Whimsy Dolls, I knew that she'd be perfect for Olivia. And I love her vintage look!

We found a vintage doll crib on craigslist a while ago, and with a little work and a new coat of paint, it became the perfect accessory to the doll. I used Amy Schimler's Kitty Cats on a Whim in Summer as the dress and skirt for the doll, because Olivia adores kitties and the color pink.

I used yellow wool felt for her hair.

And green wool felt for her sweet little shoes.

I embroidered the features on her face and gave her just a bit of pink blush for rosy cheeks.

I also made a simple patchwork quilt for the doll, with lots of bright scraps. I quilted it with a free-motion meandering pattern.

Olivia absolutely loves her doll. And true to form, she even bestowed her with an unforgetable name: Ramen. As in the noodles. Even though we never eat them. I really don't know where she comes up with some of this stuff, but Olivia certainly has a mind of her own!

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