Sunday, October 2, 2011

working on my uber-fest block

Last Wednesday my friend Scott asked me if I'd be able to step in for Amanda to help out with the Bloggers' Quilt-Uber-Fest. I said yes, and by yesterday morning my fabric arrived on my doorstep! I'm working on a block with these beautiful fabrics by Nel Whatmore and Kaffe Fasset and the instructions will be available as a pdf back here on October 10.

Uber-fest kicked off yesterday, and here's the line-up of all who are participating!

October 1 John Adams

October 2 Kaye Prince

October 3 Karen Linton

October 4 Konda Luckau

October 5 Amy Lobsiger

October 6 Ryan Walsh

October 7 Scott Hansen

October 8 April Rosenthal

October 9 Cara Wilson

October 10 me!

October 11 Susan Sobon

October 12 Jan Peoples

October 13 Erin Singleton

October 14 Charlie Scott

October 15 Emily Cier

October 16 Rachel Locke

I love the two blocks I've seen so far, and I can't wait to see what else everyone comes up with!

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