Monday, October 3, 2011

vintage quilt mondays : a thrift store treasure

This week's Vintage Quilt Mondays post is this colorful quilt that I picked up at a thrift store probably about ten years ago. I love it. It's pretty worn in some places, so it's much too fragile to be used. Instead, I keep it folded on top of an armoire in my bedroom with some of my other vintage quilts so that I can see it every day.

I love all the different fabrics that make up the design. The pattern is a simple scrappy four patch with some sashing and cornerstones. Some of the fabrics look like feedsacks to me,while others depict just a little bit of everything, from fruits and berries, to checkers and calico.

The quilt top appears to be hand pieced. And if you look closely at the photograph above you can see the hand quilting, which is made up of rows of straight lines throughout the quilt.

This blue striped fabric and the tan fabric below look like they may have been cut from men's shirts to me. I'm sure this unknown quilter used any kind of fabric she could get her hands on, and I love the modern feel of her bright use of color and unexpected fabric combinations.

The stitching of the binding is different than the rest of the stitching throughout the quilt. To me it looks like the binding may have been attached and finished by machine, rather than by hand stitching.

While I was photographing the quilt yesterday, I was trying to remember how much I paid for it at the thrift store. Then I found that I had left the price tag still on it. $18. Which to me, is a steal!


Jean(ie) said...

wow, that IS a steal! I like the quilter's use of color... there's just something about a vintage quilt -- pure comfort

Sara said...

Such a precious quilt! I love that you have it on display too:)

randi--i have to say said...

this is so pretty! love the colors and prints!

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