Monday, September 26, 2011

vintage quilt mondays : my baby quilt

I'm so excited to share this quilt with you, as the first in my series of Vintage Quilt Mondays posts. This quilt has so much meaning to me; it was made for me when I was a baby by my great-great aunt Ollie about 35 years ago.

This is me as a baby with my Aunt Ollie. She was born in Kentucky in 1893, so she was about 83 in this photo and when she made the quilt. Truly amazing.

The quilt is made up of twelve simple nine-patch squares with a bit of white sashing and pink cornerstones. I believe it was completely hand pieced and it's tied with cream and white yarn.

Don't you just love these little pink monkeys?

If you look closely at the blocks, you can see a bit of the stitching in the seams.

Unfortunately, this quilt isn't in the best shape, but that's partially because it got a lot of use when I was little. But that's what quilts are for right? I think so, especially quilts that are made for babies. The binding is worn in areas and there are also some stains throughout the quilt.

But even more sad is the fact that the quilt has some mildew damage. I'm not sure exactly when or how this happened, but I've tried washing it and unfortunately it's there to stay.

But, I'm grateful that I still have the quilt, and even more grateful that I had someone like my aunt Ollie in my life.


Jacqueline said...

Imperfections and worn areas make it even more special. Thank you for sharing!!! =)

Sara said...

Amazing work she did on it! Wonderful share!

Beth Gracie said...

oh that is so special! and what a lovely photo of you are your great aunt. so sweet.

Jenny said...

oh im going to love this series!! i just found a bunch of feedsacks pieces at auction this weekend. im like a kid in a candy shop this week organizing them!

Jean(ie) said...

Love it, Heather. You were a cute little baby, still see the resemblance! Love the monkey fabric. Imagine how popular that would be nowadays.

Quilts are made to be loved.... that's what makes it special.

And Aunt Ollie is just precious! I bet she was a kick!

Leslie said...

this is so beautiful. you are so lucky to have this.

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