Friday, September 23, 2011

today's work in progress

I'm scrambling to get this quilt finished because it will be my entry for Project Modern: Challenge 4, find your own voice. The deadline is a week from today, so wish me luck to get it done on time, please!

I'm really happy with the Pellon's Nature's Touch batting so far. It's quilting up beautifully and it was easy to work with--the added scrim helped to keep the batting from getting stretched as it was tugged and pulled during the basting process.

This challenge has been especially tough for me. I've entered all three earlier ones, and was chosen as one of the winner's of two of them (which I'm still amazed at), but for some reason this has been the hardest one for me. After thinking about it for a long time, and even starting a couple of other plans that didn't work, I decided to design a quilt based on a sketch I made in my notebook a few months ago. One day while we were driving, I saw a silo at a farm about 10 miles away from our house. I have probably seen that silo hundreds of times before, but that day the design of it just struck me differently. I had my sketchbook and started drawing--thank goodness Jeff was driving.

Isn't it gorgeous? I don't know why that day I saw it in a new light, but I did. There's just something about the repetition of those lines in the metal that I love and it's the inspiration for this quilt.

Here's a full shot of the work in progress, with one of my little helpers. Please excuse our messy kitchen...we're in the middle of repainting it, once again.

And here's the back, which is much more improvisational and randomly pieced than the front. I used a bunch of scraps from the blocks on the front and then added a lot of the cream fabric, with a bit of the grey strips as well.

And now, back to work. This quilting is taking a long, long time!


Cheryl Arkison said...

That is definitely coming together nicely.

Sara said...

Love the hints of blue and that you got the design from a SILO!;)

Keep at that quilting!

Esch House Quilts said...

Love your inspiration and the great quilting on this!

If I had been a judge in the third challenge, you would have one that one too - I loved your entry.

Good luck!

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