Thursday, September 29, 2011

my fall Modern Quilting class at Sewn Studio

Last night was the second class of my Fall Into to Modern Quilting course at Sewn Studio. I taught an earlier session there this spring, and I'm really excited to be teaching again. We're working on the same project as before, "Fenced In" by Elizabeth Hartman, from her book The Practical Guide to Patchwork. We spent the first class talking about modern quilting, learning about the pattern, and choosing fabrics. It's always so fun to see all the different prints that the students chose for their quilts!

Theresa picked a gorgeous combination of fabrics...a little Anna Maria Horner, a little Tina Givens, a little Violet Craft. Beautiful!

Noel is making a festive quilt using fabrics from Kate Spain's wonderful line, Flurry. I'm sure this quilt will soon play a prominent role in her annual holiday tradition!

Karen is working with a soft, floral palette with lots of pale pinks and greens, with a touch of brown. It's really pretty, and so soothing to the eye.

Ellen is working with a fun mix of bright, bold colors. They look like solids in the photo, but they are really tone-on-tone fabrics. With her black sashing, I think this will look like a modern spin on a traditional Amish quilt.

Michelle's mix is so fun and eclectic! I love it. It's a mix of bright colors and modern prints, based on one of her daughter's favorite fabrics.

And last, but not least, Lisa is working with another cheerful group of fabrics, with some florals and modern geometric designs. Gorgeous, right?

Our class is filled to the maximum capacity of six students, and there were four more on the waiting list. Wow! I'm really proud of the work my students are doing, and I can't wait to see how their projects progress over the next six weeks!


Heide said...

I wish I were close enough to quilt with you!

Jean(ie) said...

Sounds like fun. Your classmates made great fabric and color choices. I know they'll have tons of fun!

Heather Jones said...

It was great, and I think they are going to produce some amazing quilts!

Heide, I wish you were, too. We'd have a blast!

Jessica said...

I'm loving theresa's fabrics :)

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