Thursday, July 21, 2011

Generation Q Magazine

Today I'm so excited to share with you a guest post from the wonderful folks at Generation Q Magazine. I think they'll be an exciting addition to the Modern Quilt movement!

Have you heard about this one? There’s a new magazine out there just for us Modern Quilters!

Launched last week, Generation Q Magazine was started by Jake Finch and Melissa Thompson Maher (former Quilter’s Home Magazine editors), and Megan Dougherty (QH contributor and the hilarious talent behind The Bitchy Stitcher blog). These three crazy quilt gals, along with the addition of self-named Cabana Boy, Scott Hansen (of Blue Nickel Quilts) came out of the recent closure of Quilter’s Home shaking their heads at the notion that the only thing today’s quilter is interested in are pattern magazines.

It’s just not true, they said, and GenQ came out last week to raving reviews, and almost all of them good. Generation Q Magazine is a community of modern and contemporary quilters, sewists and fabric addicts who want to come together to play with threads and enjoy each other’s creativity. It’s about sharing and celebrating, and it’s fun!

While they’re starting online for now (as in free, people!), they will launch a print and digital edition of GenQ in the late spring. The online edition posts a new magazine-style article every weekday. There is a structured editorial calendar with a rotation of content, from honest media reviews to projects, full-length feature articles(sometimes broken down in a series), product testing, columns, news and more. It’s similar lifestyle content for which QH was becoming known. GenQ’s voice is cheeky and fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but they seriously love their sewing and quilting and want to spread the fun around. After all, if there’s no joy in it, why do it, they ponder?

For now, all they ask is that you check them out and if you enjoy what you read, sign up for a subscription that will send you the day’s posting to your email. Also, as the website evolves, they’re looking for listings of shows, events, retreats, legitimate charity efforts and anything else that might be of interest for us quilters.

GenQ is found online at They are also on Facebook, where they give away an insane amount of quilty bribes to their followers, so “like” them and check in often. Lastly, they’re learning how to tweet (and man are they getting it!) and can be found on Twitter at @GenQMag.

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