Friday, July 8, 2011

color and texture in the garden

Our little garden is in full bloom! We planted a lot of vegetables this year, like the romaine lettuce above, and planted them in with our flower beds because we don't have a very large yard. I'm constantly amazed by the array of colors and textures from all of the different plants.

beautiful bright orange marigold

these purple cabbages are one of my favorites

they don't even look real! they are huge

and while there is no sign of any heads of cabbage popping up yet, I just love the purpley gray color of their enormous leaves

lambs ears, another one of my favorites. I love how soft and fuzzy the leaves are

and their blooms are so unique too

beautiful red and orange marigolds

Jeff's homage to his home state of Tennessee

one sunflower getting ready to bloom

and another almost ready to pop

hens and chicks are another of my favorites. these came from the plant that belonged to my great-grandma olive

and I love that they can grow in the tiniest spots

love the texture of sage leaves

and the blueish gray colors of broccoli

why hello, mr. bee

the cucumbers are taking over

aidan is looking for his favorites, tomatoes fresh from the garden

here are a few tomato babies!

and the dainty yellow flowers they come from

we're also growing corn, a first for us!

and God gave us this surprise plant, which is growing in our gravel driveway just at the edge of the foundation to our house. I think it's either a cucumber or a watermelon, but I'm not completely sure yet. The surprise plant is doing so well that we have decided to leave it where it's at. Time will tell what it is! What are you growing in your gardens this year?


beanie g said...

Great shots, Heather. Ours aren't quite so far along yet, but they will be soon.

Candace said...

This is such a nice collection of pictures! I love the See Rock City - anyone who has traveled to Florida for vacation can relate to that. I also have hens and chicks that came from my mom many, many years ago.

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