Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Modern Quilting class

They are still blowing me away with their awesome work! Last week, my students finished their quilt tops and backings and practiced quilting on their machines. That's Jessica with her pieced back above.

And here's Susan's beautiful quilt! She came to class with her quilt front and back all sandwiched together with her batting.

I really love how bright and fresh her quilt is going to be. She did such a great job choosing fabrics.

And here is June's gorgeous quilt top. These photos don't really do it justice, and it's just stunning in person.

I asked my students to bring their own machines to class since they would be doing most of the quilting work at home. I thought it was best that they learn to quilt on their own machines and get comfortable with how they work.

I brought some scrap pieces of muslin and batting and let them practice quilting on those to get the hang of it before moving on to their quilts.

I think Susan is a pro at free-motion quilting. She's doing a great job!

June took advantage of the large floor space at Sewn to lay out her quilt and sandwich all of the layers together. I'm telling you, this quilt is stunning.

And Jessica did the same. Plus she's got two little helpers (one's a newborn!) at home, and I can tell you from experience that it's sometimes easier to work without extra little hands helping. ;)

I can't believe it, but our last class is tonight! I'm so excited about the work that they're doing, and I couldn't be more proud of how well their quilts are coming together. They are all amazing students!


Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

These ladies are pros! There quilt tops look great.

LucindaM said...

These are stunning. And inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

These quilts are awesome! What a great patern for a beginner class.

Andrea said...

Beautiful work of his students

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