Monday, June 20, 2011

Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along Day 1

Hello! Thank you for joining me on my Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along. I'm so excited about this little project and I cannot wait to see all the barn quilts that you come up with.

To begin your Modern Barn Quilt, you'll need to start with either canvas or plywood that has been primed. Most store-bought stretched canvases are primed, but if you use plywood, you'll have to paint a coat of water based primer on it before you start. Allow the primer to dry completely before you start drawing on the board.

I'm using two 12" x 12" stretched canvas that I purchased at Michael's for the paint along, and a variety of water-based acrylic paints.

Once you've chosen your design, draw it lightly with a pencil and a ruler. For my sign, I'm making another wonky log cabin. I didn't started with a perfect square because I want my design to be slightly off center.

I added a total of three tiers of "logs" around my center square.

I also drew a couple of perpendicular lines to two of the logs to make it appear that they are pieced together.

If you don't like the placement of your lines, you can use your eraser lightly on the surface of your canvas or board. It won't remove the line completely from the primed surface, but it will be light enough so that the paint will cover it. Be sure to brush away any eraser crumbs before you paint though!

Once my design was complete, I drew dashed lines at the end of each log to add to the pieced feeling once the sign is painted.

I'll be painting each log a different color and these dashed lines will be my guide as I go along.

I've set up a Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along flickr group where you can share photos of your work in progress and of your final signs. I'd love to see what you all are working on so please feel free to add as many photos as you'd like!

And feel free to grab the new Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along button too!

For complete directions on how to paint your Modern Barn Quilt, please see my tutorial here.


LucindaM said...

I'm ready to get started! I have plywood and am ready to prime and draw!

Leslie said...

this is exciting...i have my stuff and joined the flickr i just have to get my board to behave and take the primer.

Lana Manis said...

Heather, I'm running behind, but will purchase my board tomorrow. Maybe I can talk my daughter into painting with us! :)

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