Saturday, July 17, 2010

{ yummy unicorns }

I'm a big fan of the work of Melissa Averinos of Yummy Goods. I've read her blog for a couple of years and have gotten to know her a bit through the Bronte Along, which she and Beth Dunn co-founded. Melissa's first book, Small Stash Sewing just came out and I was so excited to get my copy.

There are so many fun projects in it! One of my favorites is an owl pillow, Owlie McPillowpants, which I was planning on making as my first project for the kids. But, as soon as Aidan and Olivia saw the Unicorn *Hearts* Moon pillow projects, they both begged for a unicorn. They even helped me choose the fabrics for them. Here are some sneak peeks of the works in progress.

For a super-cute preview of the book, check out this video by Melissa and Beth on Amazon's site.
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