Sunday, March 21, 2010

{ liberty of london at target }

Swoon...have you seen the Liberty of London items at Target? I seriously could grab up all of the dresses, ties, and bedding. Especially this dress.

Isn't it fun? I'm not going to be wearing it, since it's actually a child's dress, but it is the inspiration for a fun, new quilt I've got in mind. I bought the largest size available so I could get the most fabric out of it. I'm thinking of mixing it with a few dots like these...

And maybe a bit of yellow and some solids too. Can't wait!

I also bought this sweet little dress for Olivia.

And these fun boots for me. Love them! It almost makes me want a rainy day just so I have an excuse to wear them.

Have you bought any of the Liberty items?
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