Monday, March 15, 2010

{ bronte along }

On Friday, Melissa Averinos of Yummy Goods and Beth Dunn hosted an impromptu Bronte-along, via twitter, where we all watched the 2006 Masterpiece Theater version of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Having never read the book, I was totally unfamiliar with the story, but after reading about it on Melissa's blog, I knew it would be good. I mean, just look at these stills.

Not only was it good, it was { So. Good. } So very, very good. So good, in fact, that I'm on my third viewing of it since Friday. Never mind the fact that it's four hours long. It's intoxicatingly beautiful and full of gorgeous cinematography, superb acting, and a timeless love story. And with this hair, I do believe that Sir Edward Rochester may have been the original McDreamy.

So, have I tempted you enough to watch it for yourself? It's available on Amazon, Netflix, and you can even watch the entire series instantly on Youtube.

I think I may need to ask for a copy of it for my birthday next month.

{ If I can wait that long. }

Would you like to join in on the fun and celebrate the Bronte sisters and related works? Please do! You can start by checking out the official Bronte Along page for more information. You can read the book, view the movie, join in on the swooning { er, discussions} and who knows, you may even be inspired to create something yourself as a result. I've got a few things spinning in my head as we speak, and I'll share them with you as soon as they're finished.

Here are some more Bronte-Along links to check out:

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twitter hashtag: #brontealong

And you must check out Beth's sweet new blog, An Accomplished Young Lady. Soo cute!

Let the swooning begin! Or, shall I say, continue...
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