Saturday, January 9, 2010

{ a little organization }

goes a long way! Remember how incredibly messy my studio (aka our dining room) was? Click here for a refresher. We're in the middle of removing wall paper, painting, and redecorating it. It's going really slowly because we're limited to working only after A & O are asleep, since it's kind of difficult with two toddlers who eagerly want to help. Plus I was really busy with holiday orders and I ended up getting the flu right before Christmas, so needless to say, the room isn't finished.

But, my awesome husband Jeff came up with a great solution for storing some of my fabrics. He made me some bolts, so now I can store my bigger pieces of fabrics neatly. Plus, I'll be able to see them better, since a lot of them used to be stored in large plastic bins. It was a pretty cheap solution as well. He bought three 4 x 6s (or something like that...I affectionately call all lumber "chunks of wood" since I can never remember what they're really called) for $7 each, and after cutting them down to size, I've got twelve new wooden bolts. Pretty cool, huh?! I just put them up tonight and I think they're going to work great in here.

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