Thursday, November 25, 2010

{ Happy Thanksgiving }

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US! I hope your day was filled with yummy food and lots of love. I made an entire Thanksgiving dinner for our family, which was a first! So, the past 24-36 hours have been spent like this:

Preparing brine for the turkey.

Cooking countless pounds of sweet potatoes. Sooo good!

Rolling out pie dough.

Here's another look at my golden turkey. I swear the secret is in the brine!

Aidan sitting, for a brief moment, at the table for some pie.

But that didn't last long. Soon it was showtime! Which, by the way, happens to be a regular occurrence at our house, especially during dinner time. I guess that makes it dinner theater..

Dinner theater often involves Aidan acting like a cowboy. Check out his awesome lasso skills.

Even Olivia is impressed.

And no meal wouldn't be complete without Rosemary looking her share of goodies.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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