Thursday, June 24, 2010

{ snailey }

My husband teases me that I'm a little like Dr. Doolittle, because I love animals, and they usually feel the same way about me. It's been this way since I was a little kid, and I think Aidan and Olivia are following in my footsteps. Case in point: a couple of weeks ago we were out in the yard, working in the garden, and I found a snail. Honestly, I'm usually a little freaked out about bugs, but I've always thought that snails were pretty cool. I picked it up and showed it to Aidan and Olivia, who immediately wanted to keep it.

We brought the snail into the kitchen in a little plastic container so the kids could get a better look at it. They were in awe.

After a little internet searching on keeping a snail as a pet, Jeff and I made the newly-named Snailey a home out of a fishbowl and a little orange tulle. Gotta love when craft items can be used for something entirely different, right?

Snailey is thriving in his new home, and he has even been joined by two other snail friends. The kids really love watching them and are eager to help take care of them. Although I do have to remind them that we can't hold them all the time...


Anonymous said...

SO cute! What do snails eat?

Heather Jones said...

Thanks, Shelly! They love lettuce leaves. We've been feeding them romaine, and I've also read that they need calcium for their shells, so I added some broken egg shells chips to their home.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

those are really great pictures- your little ones are so cute-

Nice to meet you- I am glad to have found you!

Heather Jones said...

Thank you very much!

Paula said...

Those are seriously the cutest snail photos I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

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