Friday, February 19, 2010

{ slowly, but surely }

That's my motto these days with regard to my redecorating project{s}. Ok, who am I kidding? Those who know me personally probably know that I'm not the most patient person, so I'm really ready for this all to be done. But, it's not an easy task when { a } you've got two toddlers who are ever so eager to help, which means that things end up taking twice, or even three times, as long as they should to complete; { b } most of your "free" time is spent on completing orders or catching up on laundry; or { c } you finally get a sudden burst of energy but it occurs at midnight.

But, honestly, I wouldn't trade any of this for the world. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with Aidan and Olivia and run my little business, which I absolutely love doing. I just wish I could get these projects done faster! Here are some more pictures of works in progress around here, including my crazy gluing-fabric-to cabinet project. :)

See...too much red, right?


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Oh, I love it! Your fabric collection has me drooling! I enjoy bright colors in my work area. My desk is green and blue.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)


Liz said...

looks great Heather!!! Can you come here and fix up my place in your spare time??? You can sleep on the plane. :)


The Dimino's said...

I love that teal fabric in the red hutch!! Your curtains look fabulous too!!!

Heather Jones said...

Thank you, all! I really like the bright colors in here, too.

Liz, I'd love to! It would be so much fun to decorate the baby's nursery!!

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