Friday, December 4, 2009

{ studio redo }

My studio, which is just a fancy name for my dining room, is in desperate need of a makeover. It will get one, hopefully soon while Jeff is on Christmas break, but I just wanted to share some pictures of my working environment. Can you imagine how much better it will soon look?!

Messy storage cabinet and old, dark wallpaper. Wallpaper will be stripped and cabinet will be painted.

Clothing rack with some ready-to-ship items.

Inspiration board made out of an antique frame and corkboard. It mostly has pictures of Aidan and Olivia on it. That's my late grandpa's cap hanging on the corner.

And, if you look closely, that's a picture of my great-great aunt Ollie holding me when I was a baby.

A very messy arrangement of letters.

My messy work area. MESSY.

Another shot of my messy work area. I will definitely be making new window treatments.

Perhaps out of these? Fun, fun, fun. A little pop of orange, green, turquoise?

The new paint colors for the trim and walls. It's going to be a huge improvement, I think.

I will keep you posted on the process!


Heidi said...

How fun to see into your "world". Thanks for sharing those.

Stephanie C. said...

You do a great job of making what you have work for you. I kind of like your current curtains, but that new fabric is delicious!

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