Saturday, September 5, 2009

{ olive & ollie }

I get asked a lot where the name Olive & Ollie came from, or what it means, so I thought I would share here again.

I have been crafting my whole life, but it wasn't until I became pregnant with my son that things really began to fall into place. As soon as my husband and I found out our first baby was a boy, we began to shop around for all sorts of things for him. Much to our dismay, there were not a lot of choices when it came to things for boys. So, I began to make my own.

That's where Olive & Ollie started. My philosophy is that every child deserves something made by hand. My shop is named after my Great-Grandmother Olive, and my Great-Great-Aunt Ollie. Both were strong, independent women who made all sorts of things with their hands, and shared my belief that handmade is best.

I now have two children; Aidan was born in August 2006 and Olivia came along in February 2008, and as you can imagine, they keep me quite busy. But, they are truly my inspiration. So, at night when they're both asleep, I create my goods.

{ Great-great aunt Ollie Belle Cox holding me as a baby }

{ Great-grandma Olive Brandeberry holding me as a baby }


Ollie said...

Awww great you got such old pics :D
and hi from another Ollie! :D

Heather Jones said...

Thanks! They are dear to me, for sure. And hello to you! :)

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